Summer vacation trip

I’ve been visiting a couple of parks in Arizona and Nevada while on my vacation before I head off to DragonCon. Here’s a few of the pics I’ve been taking.

Valley of Fire - White Domes

Grand Canyon Panorama

Grand Canyon Trip

Ala Moana 4th of July Fireworks 2013

There were a lot of spectacular fireworks last night at Ala Moana. And, practically every square foot of grass in the park was taken by fireworks watchers. A lovely night, not a drop of rain all evening. This is paradise.

And this photo below is the weirdest fireworks shot I’ve ever taken. It really looks like a face doesn’t it?
Ala Moana 4th of July 2013

Ala Moana 4th of July 2013

Aloha Tower Fireworks 2013

The show was short and sweet this year. I’m glad I shot this from Sand Island since they launched the rockets from the Aloha Tower parking lot.

Aloha Tower 4th of July Fireworks 2013

Aloha Tower 4th of July Fireworks 2013

Aloha Tower 4th of July Fireworks 2013

Aloha Tower 4th of July Fireworks 2013

Maker Faire 2013

Just wrapped up my tirp to Maker Faire 2013. My personal high point of the Faire was the Autodesk 123D Catch photo booth. I can’t wait to see the 3D model of my head that it created.

Another memorable moment was watching Adam Savage ride in to the parking lot inside of a Nautilus submarine. Then hearing him give a talk about being a maker and getting his start in the special effects business.

Oh and Arc Attack is just awesome to watch in-person.

Here’s the full Maker Faire 2013 photo set

123D Catch Photo Booth - Maker Faire 2013

Adam Savage at Maker Faire 2013

Arc Attack at Maker Faire 2013

Maker Faire 2013

Halona Blowhole Sunrise

Got up way too early this Saturday for a photo shoot with some friends at Halona Blowhole. Luckily the weather cooperated and I got a lovely shot of the blowhole against the sunrise.

Blowhole Sunrise