Waikiki Halloween 2012

Just got back from Halloween in Waikiki. Gotta get some sleep for work tomorrow but I posted a few photos. If I gave you one of my cards, please check back again in about a week or so.

Here’s the link to the full set on Flickr

Hallowbaloo 2012

Here’s the photos I took from an abbreviated Hallowbaloo street party courtesy of a tsunami evacuation. Luckily the tsunami did not do not any significant damage (as of this writing at least).

Hallowbaloo 2012 Hallowbaloo 2012 Hallowbaloo 2012 Hallowbaloo 2012

Here’s the full Hallowbaloo 2012 photo set

DragonCon 2011 Photos

The highlight of my year is when I travel 4000+ miles to Atlanta each year for DragonCon. By my count, I’ve posted nearly 1,400 photos from this past year’s Con. The costumes and cosplay at this event is by far the best I’ve seen. And I hope that I’ve caught a small slice of the awesomeness in this photo gallery.

The rest of the photos can be found in my Dragoncon 2011 Flickr collection