Kawaii Kon 2012

Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Saturday Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Friday Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Saturday Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Saturday Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Saturday Kawaii-Kon 2012 - Saturday

The complete photo set can be found on Flickr.

My favorite anime convention was last weekend and although it looked like it might rain, we were quite lucky to not have to deal with anything more than a brief drizzle. The costumes were as bright and creative as ever. If you’ve never been to a Con (anime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) the experience is so much different than Halloween. The cosplayers have an attachment to their costumes that the average Halloween-goer does not. Halloween costumes are meant to be disposable whereas most cosplayers will keep their costume from year to year and build onto the costume gradually. Cosplayers identify with their characters and take pride in their handiwork. In a nutshell, one can find a Ghostbuster anywhere but only certain type of person will put in the effort to go beyond an inflatable Proton Pack.

Kawaii Kon 2010

Kawaii Kon photo set on Flickr.

My first Kawaii Kon and I think I will definitely be going back again next year. Got a chance to test out my camera rig for Dragon*Con in a less crowded environment. The photos turned out pretty well and the frame is relatively portable. I’ll probably try this again in the middle of next week’s Spam Jam to see if it can handle a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd of people.

KawaiiKon 2010-88

KawaiiKon 2010-66

KawaiiKon 2010-108

KawaiiKon 2010-16