Hallowbaloo 2011 photos

Once again the streets of Chinatown were overrun with costumes and beer for the annual Hallowbaloo street party. I took a lot of pics and if you have one of my cards, I’ll e-mail you the high res pics.

If you are a dedicated cosplayer or model looking to collaborate, or if you just need a photographer, contact me here.

Here’s the direct link to the Hallowbaloo 2011 photo set on Flickr

If you missed my photo set from last year’s Hallowbaloo, here is the 2010 Hallowbaloo photo set.

Also check out my pics from Halloween in Waikiki from 2009 and 2010

HDR and HD timelapse video of Ala Moana fireworks

Fireworks over Ala Moana

My favorite pic of the night. I found three frames from the timelapse below that fit just perfectly together to make an HDR photo. The exposure settings of each of the frames are the same but the rocket explosion cast a wide range of illumination over the three exposures. Wide enough to piece together an HDR in Photomatix.

Photobug details of the time lapse: Shot with my Nikon D90 w/ a Nikkor 14-24 mm f/2.8G. ISO 200, f/4, 2 seconds per frame. Scaled the frames down to 1526×1080 and stitched together with Adobe Premiere elements at around 6 frames per second. The flash player below scales down the video to fit in the browser window. I highly recommend downloading the video and watching it in full screen 1080i.

Hawaii Geek Meet 2009

Last Sunday was the 2nd Annual Hawaii Geek Meet at Ala Moana Park. I met a lot of old online friends and found some new ones. Forgot to wear my Twitter shirt. Ate lots of food – BTW did anyone get a good pic of that hand cart full of pizza? And lastly I took lots of photos as you’ll soon see.

I busted out my hacked Canon A630 and stuck it on a tripod under a tree. Then I ran a time lapse script that took a shot every ten seconds for the whole event. All told, I took around 2000 photos that day. After I stitched the pics into a video, I couldn’t quite find the right geeky music that fits our little group. Then I remembered Twitter Me Gently by Matthew Ebel and everything sort of clicked together after that.