Ala Moana Lunar Panorama

So the night was too cloudy to get really good lunar eclipse shots, but I managed to get a nice panorama of Magic Island with a clear shot of the eclipse. Oh well, just have to wait for the October eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse panorama

Panorama from TheBoat

I took a trip on TheBoat w/ some Flickr peeps a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a couple of panorama’s of Honolulu shot from the ocean.

Panoramas from riding TheBoat

Panoramas from riding TheBoat

I also turned on my GPS tracker to geotag my photos. I overlayed the track on Google Earth and saved the screen shot.

TheBoat route

Hoover Dam photos

The Technorama crew and spouses took a back stage tour of the Hoover Dam. The audio and video will be posted on the Technorama blog, but I took a couple of pics worth sharing.

Hoover Dam spillway

This spillway has only been used once (or twice if you count testing). However, that one use spanned several months when flow from the Colorado river had filled Lake Mead and threatened to top the Hoover Dam. The high water mark can still been seen in this picture because the sides of the canyon were covered in calcification while it was under water.


The photo above doesn’t show the full size of the Hoover Dam. I turned my camera into portrait mode to capture more of the Dam’s face. But when I stitched the photos together, the whole picture doesn’t fit nicely into a rectangular frame. Click the image below to see the full-sized, uncropped version.

Uncropped version of the prior photo