Hawaii’s Total Lunar Eclipse

I got up at 2 a.m. and drove out to Mokuleia to catch the last total lunar eclipse visible from Hawaii until 2014/2015. While I was there, I figured I should try giving this time lapse thing another try.

This video is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license.

Music: “Bright Northern Lights” by Matthew Ebel
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Hawaii Geek Meet 2009

Last Sunday was the 2nd Annual Hawaii Geek Meet at Ala Moana Park. I met a lot of old online friends and found some new ones. Forgot to wear my Twitter shirt. Ate lots of food – BTW did anyone get a good pic of that hand cart full of pizza? And lastly I took lots of photos as you’ll soon see.

I busted out my hacked Canon A630 and stuck it on a tripod under a tree. Then I ran a time lapse script that took a shot every ten seconds for the whole event. All told, I took around 2000 photos that day. After I stitched the pics into a video, I couldn’t quite find the right geeky music that fits our little group. Then I remembered Twitter Me Gently by Matthew Ebel and everything sort of clicked together after that.