#365phototweeps Week 5

Mostly caught up on posting my photos now.

Geek Meet 3-18
Palm trees and Mos Eisley PD, the perfect combination.

Moon and clouds
Just noticed the moon was full tonight and wanted to get a pic just because.


Pali slope at tunnels
The slope between the Pali tunnels sure looked more interesting while in traffic than on a computer screen. Not sure how to show that though.

The Wine Stop
The back showroom of my favorite beer store.

Water Feature
When I was working on the John A Burns School of Medicine project, I remember the water feature was supposed to be a special, well, feature. I never saw it even after the grand opening. Now,I ran across it on the way out of a Bytemarks Lunch meetup and had to take snapshot of it.

Sausage Tree
Just one more shot from the medical school. This is a “sausage tree” and yeah it’s a real tree and not a euphemism. Now for the life of me I can’t understand why this one tree was the only tree that was saved from demolition when the school was built.

Panorama from TheBoat

I took a trip on TheBoat w/ some Flickr peeps a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a couple of panorama’s of Honolulu shot from the ocean.

Panoramas from riding TheBoat

Panoramas from riding TheBoat

I also turned on my GPS tracker to geotag my photos. I overlayed the track on Google Earth and saved the screen shot.

TheBoat route

More thoughts on the Pre

Well it’s been a bit more than a week and my first impression fascination should be out of my system. I still think the Pre is a keeper, but here are things that others will find useful.

Keyboard is small but workable. I have a iPod touch that I keep in a pocket at the same time as I carry my Pre in my belt holster. I have used the Apple touch screen keyboard heavily when I was trying to use the Touch for my mobile e-mail. It just didn’t work for me, because of all the reasons others have complained about already. The Pre’s keyboard is one notch better than the Touch’s keyboard. The little keys are just enough for me to focus my attention on while I type with my thumbs. However, I must concentrate to find the keys with my thumbs. I would not call this touch typing. That said, it is a workable solution and I find myself reaching for my Pre rather than my touch when I want to type a quick message. The keyboard on my old Treo 700p was not any larger but it is easier to find keys because the gap between keys are more pronounced. The Pre’s keys are too level, when you run your thumb across them, you can’t quite tell where the edges of the keys are.

The camera is a bit better than average in both image quality and ease of use. Low light situations are improved by the flash, but the effective range is 2 – 3 feet. Macro photography is out of the question, minimum focus distance is nine inches by my guess. E-mailing the photo to Flickr for uploading is a snap, as is Twitpic.

Lunch at Aloha Tower for Flickr Friday

Aloha Tower - Flickr Friday meetup

Flickr Friday - one more pic

More thoughts about the apps and music player later. It’s after midnight already.

Hawaii Geek Meet 2009

Last Sunday was the 2nd Annual Hawaii Geek Meet at Ala Moana Park. I met a lot of old online friends and found some new ones. Forgot to wear my Twitter shirt. Ate lots of food – BTW did anyone get a good pic of that hand cart full of pizza? And lastly I took lots of photos as you’ll soon see.

I busted out my hacked Canon A630 and stuck it on a tripod under a tree. Then I ran a time lapse script that took a shot every ten seconds for the whole event. All told, I took around 2000 photos that day. After I stitched the pics into a video, I couldn’t quite find the right geeky music that fits our little group. Then I remembered Twitter Me Gently by Matthew Ebel and everything sort of clicked together after that.