#365phototweeps Week 5

Mostly caught up on posting my photos now.

Geek Meet 3-18
Palm trees and Mos Eisley PD, the perfect combination.

Moon and clouds
Just noticed the moon was full tonight and wanted to get a pic just because.


Pali slope at tunnels
The slope between the Pali tunnels sure looked more interesting while in traffic than on a computer screen. Not sure how to show that though.

The Wine Stop
The back showroom of my favorite beer store.

Water Feature
When I was working on the John A Burns School of Medicine project, I remember the water feature was supposed to be a special, well, feature. I never saw it even after the grand opening. Now,I ran across it on the way out of a Bytemarks Lunch meetup and had to take snapshot of it.

Sausage Tree
Just one more shot from the medical school. This is a “sausage tree” and yeah it’s a real tree and not a euphemism. Now for the life of me I can’t understand why this one tree was the only tree that was saved from demolition when the school was built.