Bytemarks Lunch at the Pacific Aviation Museum

The fine folks at the Pacific Aviation Museum treated the Bytemarks gang to a lunch and tour of their Ford Island Control Tower as well as the aircraft museum. The Control Tower was used in certain scenes in the movie Pearl Harbor to recreate the attack on December 7th, 1941. The tower itself is a real historic building from World War II and is in the middle of an ongoing restoration effort.

The aircraft in the museum are the real gems of the place. If you happen to be an aviation geek or history buff, I can guarantee that you will not want to pass up a trip to this slice of American history.

Bytemarks Lunch - Pacific Aviation Museum

Bytemarks Lunch - Pacific Aviation Museum

Bytemarks Lunch - Pacific Aviation Museum

Bytemarks Lunch - Pacific Aviation Museum

Full photo set on Flickr.

Unconferenz 2010

After a little delay due to the tsunami warning, Unconferenz 2010 was held at KCC on March 20th. This was the third annual Unconferenz and I was quite impressed with this year’s discussions. I think either the participants’ interests are maturing or they’ve all figured out that social media cannot be used to make a quick buck. Either way, there was no talk about monetizing audiences in the sessions I attended. But, there was interesting insights into how businesses are using social media (blogs, chat, and social networking) for internal communication within the company; and using the big social networks for recruiting and market research.

Thanks again to Burt Lum for organizing the Unconferenz.


Mochi Tweetup at Therapy Grill

Catching up on posting pics I took over a week ago. Mochi tweetups seem to be more popular than other tweetups. The first one was held at The Little Oven last year and filled up in 2 hours. Well, this one was a bit bigger and filled up in 24 hours. The mochi was super tasty and can be found at Happy Hearts Mochi.


McDonalds Tweetup




This tweetup was sponsored by Keeaumoku Street McDonalds who provided refreshments and door prizes.