Hawaii’s Total Lunar Eclipse

I got up at 2 a.m. and drove out to Mokuleia to catch the last total lunar eclipse visible from Hawaii until 2014/2015. While I was there, I figured I should try giving this time lapse thing another try.

This video is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license.

Music: “Bright Northern Lights” by Matthew Ebel
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5 Dollar Tutorials

Last month I was invited to beta test a new video tutorial site called 5 Dollar Tutorials by the Bui Brothers. These guys have a passion for sharing their knowledge and doing so as openly as they can. I think this is why they adopted an ala carte model for selling their how-to videos. I think this concept is taking a page right out Apple’s old playbook. The iTunes marketplace made it easy to buy individual tracks rather than having to purchase whole albums and it changed the way music is sold. While it would be a stretch to think that the Bui brothers can change the current model for photography training, I think it is an option that bigger training vendors like Kelby and Lynda should give serious thought.

As for these tutorials, they hit all of the points to creating those surreal images. Without giving anything away, I will say that 90% of what makes the shot work is done in camera. About half of the magic comes from their lighting technique and the other half is pre-production skull sweat. By that I mean the photographer puts in a significant amount of previsualization into crafting the final image. Retouching in photoshop is enhancement rather than creative construction. I recommend that anyone who wants to create fine art photography should take a look at getting one of the free tutorials by signing up for their mailing list.

#365phototweeps Week 6

Mini Ganache Cupcakes and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Milk

More delicious goodies from Little Oven.

National Dance Week Hawaii

My favorite pic from that night. National Dance Week Hawaii wrapped up with a dance off and a Choreographer’s Festival hosted at Fresh Cafe.

Iolani Palace

A quick snapshot of Iolani Palace as I was on my way to one meetup or another.


I think this guy captured the Cinco de Mayo spirit better than the rest of the crowd that night.

Ala Moana Beach Heart

Sometimes a random photowalk does pay off.

Honolulu building-1

I miss my Tokina 28-70mm. I need to get another fast, mid-range zoom. The 50mm doesn’t quite cover enough.


Punahou Jazz Band played at the Hawaii State Art Musuem for First Friday. The band was OK for a high school band, but their vocalist has a good set of pipes and knows how to work the stage.

#365phototweeps Week 5

Mostly caught up on posting my photos now.

Geek Meet 3-18
Palm trees and Mos Eisley PD, the perfect combination.

Moon and clouds
Just noticed the moon was full tonight and wanted to get a pic just because.


Pali slope at tunnels
The slope between the Pali tunnels sure looked more interesting while in traffic than on a computer screen. Not sure how to show that though.

The Wine Stop
The back showroom of my favorite beer store.

Water Feature
When I was working on the John A Burns School of Medicine project, I remember the water feature was supposed to be a special, well, feature. I never saw it even after the grand opening. Now,I ran across it on the way out of a Bytemarks Lunch meetup and had to take snapshot of it.

Sausage Tree
Just one more shot from the medical school. This is a “sausage tree” and yeah it’s a real tree and not a euphemism. Now for the life of me I can’t understand why this one tree was the only tree that was saved from demolition when the school was built.